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The 7 Pillars of Urban Preparedness

Av |2021-01-29T08:53:12+01:00januari 28th, 2021|Kategorier: Överlevnad|

The 7 Pillars of Urban Preparedness is an introductory course that Selco and I teach. This is a foundational module that we refer to often because so much is built from these seven pillars. Selco and I created this framework to hang things in a logical sequence. When Selco and I first met we shared [...]

Would You Be Prepared for a Communications Blackout?

Av |2021-01-28T21:38:26+01:00januari 21st, 2021|Kategorier: Överlevnad|

Recent events have made us aware that the potential for communications interruptions or blackouts is undoubtedly on the rise. What a lot of people are now realizing, unfortunately, is that access to certain communications platforms is not a right and is not guaranteed. Many people have recently become comfortable with using only a few platforms [...]

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